HER Was Making Waves at Squaremeal Magazine

If you were flicking through the latest edition of Squaremeal Magazine, you may have seen the piece on how cold-brew is taking coffee to new exciting territories. Coffee's third wave has very much reached British shores. People have been exposed to good coffee for a while now and are becoming more discerning as result. Last year saw a 40% decrease in the sales of freeze-dried instant coffee, with rising sales in home brewing equipment and a general tendency towards speciality variety beans. Coffee has firmly established itself as an artisan product rather than a commodity.

Much like wine, which underwent a similar revolution in this part of the world not all that long ago. More and more, people are keen to know exactly which variety of bean and which estate there coffee has come from, not just which continent!

This is all music to our ears at HER, where we have been brewing great speciality coffee since 2011. However we are also keen to make brewing great coffee available at home, in the office or at your parents place. Whilst home brewing coffee can yield great results – with the v60, percolator or aero press – they are often inconsistent and it remains a time consuming and often relatively complex procedure.

In the article Nicole Ferris, of Climpson and Sons, predicts that the next stage for the democratisation of speciality coffee is for it to be available in instant form or via pods. The article later cites HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate as creating “the third wave of instant” and we agree.

Our philosophy with HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is to brew coffee smarter with no drama. It’s really simple, just add boiling water. We have done all the time consuming hard work by cold brewing grounds from hackney roastery The Roasting Shed for twenty four hours, which we then filter 5 times, bottle and chill ready for you. There is no need to settle for poor quality coffee when you’re in a hurry first thing or because the office doesn’t have a coffee machine. 

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