HER for Lifebox – 'Share the Love' Valentines Pack

Lifebox 'Share the Love' Valentine's Day

Lifebox’s aim is to provide real food to get the nation exited about eating well. They track down the best in wholesome food producers for selection boxes that“deliver current or wanna be ‘healthies’ with the latest super health foods”. Lifebox is run on a subscription basis, so the goodies come straight to you each month.

For a Valentine’s special this February Lifebox has curated a Share The Love Box,  featuring HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate. The perfect gift to for a coffee loving lover, who’s morning routine will never be the same again once you show them all they need do is boil a kettle and add onto HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate for a hot cup of smooth specialty coffee.

HER Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate is also a great ingredient, why not treat your special someone to our recipe for a great valentines evening cocktail, or try HER as a glaze with this recipe from Mucho, or breakfast in bed with our pick-me-up smoothie or porridge

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