HER at Altered Reality, new exhibition at Lethaby Gallery, Central Saint Martins

First, HER founder, has been invited to showcase HER work using coffee as HER medium.  First believe that coffee has been involved in most people lives quite significantly whether we noticed it or not.  Some couldn't start their day without it.  However, we don't really question much about coffee and its impacts culturally, economically and environmentally.   Through the cold brew process, visitor will observe an unusual and very slow way of brewing coffee to see what involved and what is its by product.  Where are we in the process?  Only consumers? How we deal with the waste after we consumed?  Or shall we just leave it to the system or whoever in charge?  

First aims that this live installation would provoke visitors to consider our daily consumption, not only coffee, and how it impacts us and how could we do to improve.   

Altered Reality, 22.02 - 11.03.2017 at Lethaby Gallery, 1 Granary Square, Central Saint Martin.

First Sukpaiboon