HER Founder's Interviews with F equals and Killik&Co

Our founder First Sukpaiboon featured in F equals, sharing her journey from being an architect to an entrepreneur and the story behind the creation of HER Craft Instant Coffee! 

"I often start with asking myself first, 'Why would I do it?' 'What impact would it/I make?' It's fundamental for me to know why I do what I do/would do so I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve. Then I make a plan to achieve it."

Check out the full interview at https://www.fequals.com/blogs/news/first-sukpaiboon


Another interview with Killik & Co about 'WHAT IS A LIFE WELL LIVED'.

“Personally, I believe that being progressive is the only way we be able to create a better version of ourselves. Whatever that might be. For me, I wanted to make specialty coffee simple and accessible. To lead the 4th wave [the scientific] movement, to prove you don’t need fancy equipment or to be a coffee connoisseur to achieve a good cup of coffee.”

Read more: https://www.killik.com/the-edit/talking-to-first-sukpaiboon-her-coffee/

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