ABOUT - HER Haggerston Espresso Room London

HER in Haggerston offering exceptional coffees and foods. The coffee shop is a perfect outlet for people to hang out, meet up, discussing ideas and being inspired. So regularly at HER, you will find new artworks from talented artists from various fields.

About HER Haggerston

Haggerston Espresso Room (HER) was founded in 2011 by First Sukpaiboon. First's initial training as an architect led her to become increasingly interested in user experience within a space. This, combined with First’s love and extensive knowledge of coffee, led her to create HER; space to offer exceptional coffee and food.

HER works closely with Hackney roasters The Roasting Shed to ensure impeccable quality of ingredients; as well as keeping on the look out for varieties of coffee origins from new roasters in order to offer HER customers a new coffee experience. 

A coffee shop is a perfect outlet for people to hang out, meet up, discuss new ideas and be inspired. So you will regularly find new artwork from talented artists across a range of fields.  The exhibition space at HER is free and always will be. 

In 2016, HER Haggerston launched HER Craft Instant Coffee. Utilising First's experience and knowledge, she developed a recipe for HER Craft Instant Coffee using the Toddy cold brew method. HER Craft Instant Coffee offers speciality quality and flavour with the convenience of an instant coffee, stripping down all the complexity of home brewing and lets you concentrate on what matters. No more drama brewing speciality coffee at home or workplace. Brew smarter by simply diluting HER Craft Instant Coffee to your taste with hot/cold water or milk.

Using ethically sourced coffee beans, roasted here in Hackney. HER Coffee Concentrate is cold brewed, filtered and bottled by hand at our coffee shop HER Haggerston Espresso Room. HER Craft Instant Coffee can also be used as an ingredient in baking, smoothies, with porridge or in coffee cocktails.