HER at We Work Old Street.

This week our story has focused on workers. At HER we know that the daily grind should be fulfilling and that you are striving to excel at your chosen field. We also know that the working week is long, starting with the Monday morning commute and finishing (hopefully) with the journey home on a Friday night, there can be any number of twists turns and hurdles in-between.

Whether it is a morning pick me up, taking a well earned break or burning the midnight oil At HER we are doing our part, by simplifying the way you make great coffee leaving you time to focus on the real task in hand. We do what we do best to so you can focus on what you do best.

We also know that although it helps a lot there is more to making a working week a great week than excellent coffee made simple. Which is why we spent Thursday somewhere that we think works hard to make the working week the best it can be. 

As you approach We Work Old Street, scrawled across the glass front is a message, which we at HER wholeheartedly agree with, “Do What You Love”. Most of the people using the office space are entrepreneurs in the early stages of getting their idea off the ground so the atmosphere is fresh and exciting.

We set up in the main communal area offering samples as well as our Home-Brew, On-The-Go bottles and Christmas Gift Sets to enthusiastic workers. The main communal area its self seemed to be a social hub for the We Workers. Never standing still, people were constantly filtering in and out, linking up for meetings and chatting with likeminded people from different fields. As the workday is drawing to a close there is a bar for the members to use and it slips seamlessly into a relaxed after-work area.

Places like We Work are examples of how we like to do things at HER. Choose to pursue something you are passionate about, commit to it, work hard and enjoy your what you are doing. We applaud the risk takers who set out on their own to pioneer the brand new. It is what we have done, the only advice we would give is that you don’t take a risk with the coffee you drink, life’s too short for that.  

First Sukpaiboon